Smart Phone Lens Clip - For The Fun Photographer

Smart Phone Lens Clip - For The Fun Photographer

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What a great lens clip for your smartphone. The clip attachment is great on almost every smartphone. You can create a cool macro, wide angle, and wild panoramic photos with this lens clip. 

Work with:  7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/5, Samsung & Most Smartphones

Brand: Amir

Color: Black


  • Premium Quality - Manufactured with advanced Lanthanide Optical Glass and Top-grade aluminum construction for enhanced durability. This Lens Kit minimizes lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts for superb clarity. Giving you an experience of DSLR quality performance and capture brilliant photos.
  • Deluxe - Quality 0.6X Super Wide Angle Lens - Ultra-low distortion will occur on your images when you use this 0.6X Wide-Angle lens. It can help largely expand the field of view and enable you to capture the entire family or a whole team member into one picture.
  • Enhanced 15X Macro Lens - Designed with knurling circled around for convenient removing. With it, you can capture clear photos that are in greater detail at a distance of 1.18-1.57 inches from the target object. More convenient and powerful to take clear and gorgeous pictures.
  • Stylish Appearance - Made of aluminum alloy and with black layer circled around, adding this upgraded lens kit a much more professional high-end look.
  • Excellent Performance - Constructed with Universal Detachable Clamp Design, it can attach every 37mm Thread Digital SLR Pro Lens on your mobile. Work on all popular brands and models of smartphones and tablets or anywhere you can imagine.

Publisher: AMIR


Description :

[Upgraded Version]
Amir 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit, You Deserve to Have!

This Camera Lens Kit includes upgraded wide angle lens and macro lens which are of superb quality. They apply to most brands of cell phones such as iPhone 6s/6 plus/5/5s, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, etc. Perfectly made of an advanced material, this Lens Kit efficiently minimizes lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts for superb clarity. Making your photos look like as high grade as those taking with DSLR Camera.


2 in 1 Lens:
◆ 0.6X Wide Angle Lens for a high definition wide-angle image without distortion, it allows you to capture a wider field of view into being your photos.
◆ 15X Macro lens for extreme close-up shots, it allows you to take sharp pictures as close as 1.18-1.57 in from the subject, perfect for flowers, coins, insects, etc.

Compatible with most types of phones:

1. The thickness of the smartphone is no more than 1.5 cm.
2. The distance between the camera and the edge of the smartphone is no more than 2 cm.


▲ The Flash Light might be blocked when the lens is in use.
▲ The Macro Lens and the Wide Angle Lens are attached together while you receive them.
▲ If you want to use the Wide Angle Lens, screw the two lenses together to take wonderful pictures.
▲ If you want to use the Macro Lens, remove the Wide Angle Lens first.

Package Included:

1 x 0.6X HD Wide Angle Lens
1 x 15X Macro Lens (Screwed with the Wide Angle Lens)
1 x Universal 37mm Thread Clip
2 x Lens Cover
1 x Pouch
1 x Retail Box